Telescopic Boom Lift

Sinoboom’s self-propelled Telescopic Boom Lifts offer rugged, excellent performance and reliable design, to provide users with a safe and adaptable aerial work platform that can meet the challenging conditions and needs of the environment. Self-travel capability during aerial operation makes for genuine flexibility. Telescopic models go right up to 44m max. working height, with a large range of operation, high efficiency, powerful engines and large load capacity. Units are able to hold 2-3 operators and boast up to 40% gradeability, enabling parking and starting on a slope with no risk of slippage. These Telescopic Boom Lifts are widely used in shipbuilding and repairing, large-scale steel structures (inc. manufacturing), construction engineering, urban utilities, building maintenance, gardening, airports and harbors, curtain wall engineering, petrochemical industry applications and more.

Articulating Boom Lift

SINOBOOM Articulating Boom Lifts include both diesel and electric driven models, with the primary feature being the highly flexible and convenient, multi-stage folding boom. Their articulation and rotation in particular allows this type of work platform to out-maneuver various obstacles and work at several points without the need to reposition the base. With a wide operating range, high efficiency and large load capacity, numerous technical innovations have been incorporated into the design so that the product boasts high-level safety, reliability and operability. Articulating Boom Lifts are widely used for plant installation and maintenance, venue construction and maintenance, construction engineering, large-scale warehousing, aviation and aerospace industry applications, airports and harbors, urban utilities and gardening, curtain wall engineering and more.

Scissor Lift

SINOBOOM’s extensive range of scissor lifts includes both diesel and electric driven propulsion, hydraulic and motor powered lift. Diesel models feature robust and dynamic designs that offer outstanding stability, quality and safety. Options include units for outdoor and indoor use, with gradeability and tire types that are ideal for flat surfaces and won’t mark, through to those that can handle rough terrain. Both hydraulic and motor-driven electric scissor lifts are efficient and easy to operate, with self-traveling and turning capabilities. These access platforms bring great performance at low and high speeds, in various operating conditions. A wide range of movements can be carried out by a single, aerial operator, including raising and lowering the platform, steering, backwards and forwards movements.Compared to traditional manual, hydraulic platforms, working efficiency is greatly improved, with lower labor intensity and a reduced number of operators required. In addition, intelligent alarms protect both staff and equipment, and the platform can be disassembled for easy to transport.

Spider Lift

SINOBOOM’s Spider Lift takes its name from the four spider-like legs which provide optimal stability when deployed onto the ground. Compact in structure, it offers a large working range and is highly flexible, all in a small footprint. Compared to other aerial work platforms, the spider lift enjoys the following advantages when working in the same height and range: light weight, low pressure rubber tracks, better access in narrow sites, adaptable to poor road conditions, equally at home indoors and out. Excellent adaption and all-round performance make it a real stand-out machine. Spider Lifts are perfect for maintenance and installation both indoors and outdoors, the maintenance and construction of equipment, electrical maintenance and installation, listed buildings, internal infrastructure and more.

Boom Lift Truck

SINOBOOM’s Boom Lift Truck is ideal for aerial work where access is needed at short notice. With a higher working height compared to scissor lifts, it is both lightweight and strong, with a large load capacity. The truck body and hydraulic outriggers make for excellent stability, taking you beyond the confines of even ground. Lower in cost than an articulating boom, it offers similar functionality at a more accessible price, all whilst being easier to operate. With strong adaptability to different working conditions, the Truck Mounted Boom is widely used in electric power maintenance, construction, urban utilities and gardening, airports and harbors, curtain wall engineering, outdoor or highway advertising and more.

Vertical Mast Lift

Compact structure, ease of maneuverability, zero tail sweep, small turning radius allowing it to pass easily through standard door openings and corridors, can be used for light construction work.



SINOBOOM is a leading manufacturer and innovator in aerial work platforms. Founded on February 28th, 2008 and located in Changsha, China’s capital for construction and heavy machinery, we specialize in the research, manufacture, sales and service of a wide range of access solutions, including self-propelled telescopic boom lifts, self-propelled articulating boom lifts, self-propelled scissor lifts, self-propelled spider boom lifts and truck-mounted boom lifts, with working heights from 4m to 44m. SINOBOOM is one of the earliest AWP (Aerial Work Platform) manufacturers in China, with a wealth of experience and innovations under our belt. SINOBOOM products are readily available across China as well as overseas, including South East Asia, Australia, the Middle East, South America, and Europe.

As a pioneer of aerial work platform manufacturing in China, we pride ourselves on an outstanding grasp of core technology. SINOBOOM has attained more than 70 independent intellectual property rights, with utility patents, core technologies, technical capabilities and quality performance being well established by domestic and international authorities in the trade. As a member of IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation) and the China Engineering Machinery Association, SINOBOOM was listed by and given government support as one of the key enterprises in the under 100 billion RMB industrial clusters (for equipment manufacturing). Moreover, SINOBOOM has passed Australian ADR certification, European CE and Russian GOST standards. In the same year, SINOBOOM was honored as a high-tech enterprise by Hunan Province's Department of Science and Technology.

SINOBOOM products are widely used in ship repair and construction, civil engineering, electric power, communications, gardening, advertising, venues and stadiums, airport, harbors, various large factories, underground railways and mines. The dynamic range can easily meet the demands of different customers and applications. When SINOBOOM developed its 44m self-propelled telescopic boom lift it was the highest boom lift of its time, firmly cementing SINOBOOM's place on the world stage in advanced level technology.


Covering 200,000m², SINOBOOM is located at Jinzhou Industrial Park, Ningxiang Industrial Base, which is an excellent platform for further development and expansion. Total investment in the project is approximately 500,000,000 RMB. Phase One amounts to 66,667m², in which the total investment is 100,000,000 RMB. The combined building area is approximately 41,000m², including the 25,000m² premises, e.g. assembly shop, structural shop, coating shop, product test laboratory, electric laboratory, hydraulic laboratory, office building, dormitory, etc. Phase One was put into operation in April, 2013, and the production capacity is expected to exceed 500 million RMB in value.

Vision decides height, height determines strength. Guided by our philosophy that “Integrity brings business, and science brings progress”, SINOBOOM looks forward to new and exciting partnerships with customers from all over the world.