Sinoboom’s fifth overseas subsidiary went into operation
01/08/2021Sinoboom News
Recently, the headquarters office of the Australian Sinoboom subsidiary in Melbourne was officially put into use. The office integrates machine sales, spare parts warehousing and after-sales service, training, and second mobile phone business. The service scope covers the Australian market, providing local customers with comprehensive solutions for the entire product life cycle to help customers maximize their benefits.
▲ Sinoboom Australia subsidiary opened
Australia is a mature high-end MEWP market, with product access requirements similar to those of Europe and North America. With 13 years of technology development and accumulation in access equipment, Sinoboom fully passed the stringent Australian AS certification. 
Australia is also one of the key expansion areas of Sinoboom’s international business. The company entered the market as early as 2010, and its product performance and excellent quality have been favored by local customers. Overcoming the adverse effects of the global pandemic, it has established a localized team to expand local partners. In October 2020, Sinoboom’s fifth overseas subsidiary, the Australian subsidiary, was formally established, and localized operations were officially realized within only a few months.
▲ Regular Sinoboom Australia shipments 
The Australian subsidiary of Sinoboom Smart will continue to work hard, understand customer needs and provide Australian customers with more localized products and services through a close connection with the local market.